The Number of Private Jets in Augusta for the Masters is Astonishing

Brian Giuffra
Fly private.
Fly private. / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

On the first weekend of April each year, Augusta, Ga. transforms from an obscure flyover on the banks of the Savanah river to the epicenter of professional golf. And with that comes money. Lots of money. And private planes. Lots of private planes.

How many, you may be asking? Not sure exactly. Kinda hard to keep count after the first 100.

Tiger Woods isn't the only one pulling up private for the Masters. By the looks of it, most of the players and plenty of patrons also brought their jet. With the membership Augusta has, is that really a surprise? No. But when you see it in the flesh it's still astonishing.

According to Front Office Sports, 1,500 private jets touch down at Augusta Regional Airport the week of the Masters. Looking at the video above, that makes total sense.