'The Price Is Right' Contestant Celebrates So Hard He Dislocates His Shoulder

Ouch! /

On an episode of The Price Is Right last week, an injury was suffered by a contestant and a relief wheel-spinner was needed. The contestant, who goes by the name of Henry, successfully guessed the price of a trip to Hawaii during the Bonkers! segment. He went absolutely nuts after being informed he was right, looking significantly more excited than Nikola Jokic did after winning the NBA Finals. He had fist pumps while leaping in the air and everything. It was electric.

Unfortunately it was also excessive as Henry managed to dislocate his shoulder, leading to his wife spinning the wheel for him.

I wonder if this is covered in the wavier for The Price Is Right. Probably.

Love the emotion here, even if he will be laughed at by his friends and family for generations. Good for Henry.