Another 'Predator' Movie? In This Economy? Our Thoughts on 'Prey'

Kyle Koster
Courtesy 20th Century Studios
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When one lives long enough, they see some incredible things. Like a Predator movie that receives critical acclaim. Only this one is set way back in time. That's right, on this episode of The Big Stream we're talking analog Predator. The Big Lead's Liam McKeone and Ryan Phillips share their thoughts on the Prey, which is currently streaming on Hulu. 

What Is Prey?

00:30-06:00: The latest installment in the Predator franchise, takes place in 1719 and centers around Naru, a Comanche healer who dreams of becoming a hunter and encounters an otherworldly monster.

How does it stack up against the other Predator movies?

06:30-14:00: Quite well, actually. The original is tough to top but there's a strong argument to be made that this is the franchise's second-best offering.

What worked and what didn't?

14:00-24:00: The visuals were oftentimes arresting and there was some necessary and welcome campiness.

The Perfect Length

24:00-27:45: Prey had just the right amount of camp and had some Alien parallels, but in way that has nothing to do with the Alien vs. Predator movies. At just about an hour and a half it was a tight movie.

Prey Review Score

27:45-End: On a scale of one-to-five, Prey did pretty well thanks to a number of things, including the excellent work of Amber Midthunder.