Pregnant Pig Sets Barn on Fire on Webcam, Viewer Calls Fire Department

Stephen Douglas
Ethel the pig bravely faces a fire in her home.
Ethel the pig bravely faces a fire in her home. /

Ethel is a pig who lives in upstate New York. Ethel is pregnant. Over the weekend there was a fire in Ethel's pig barn. It was all caught on video and then put on YouTube with a soundtrack which makes it even more tense as you watch Ethel start the fire, stand with her tail in the fire and then wander about aimlessly eating without any concern for what is happening around her.

Don't worry, she is rescued before her entire home is engulfed in flames and she faces any consequences for her careless actions. There's a metaphor somewhere in this bar, but I won't denigrate Ethel by making it.

Instead, I'll say that Ethel is living the personification (pigification?) of the THIS IS FINE meme and leave it at that. Amazingly, June Farms (where Ethel lives) had just set up the webcam that day so people could watch her give birth and someone saw it and alerted the authorities and called the farm.