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Someone Keeps Prank Calling the Press Box During Alabama-Cincinnati

Kyle Koster
Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Alabama proved quite superior in the trenches during the first half of today's first College Football Playoff semifinal against Cincinnati and the result has been a ho-hum 30 minutes and a very expected outcome. That doesn't mean the Cotton Bowl has been without its surprises because how many members of the press thought they'd be the target of aspiring Crank Yankers? It's a thing that happened, per The Athletic's Alabama writer Aaron Suttles.

Yes. Fun with ... what we're assuming is a landline. A classic of the genre.

This sounds like a slightly lamer version of calling the opposing team's bullpen and telling them to warm up a pitcher in order to get a strategic advantage.

It sure sounds as though the offending parties here are Bearcats fans and if things don't turn around in the second half they'll have to resort to some more evergreen material. May I suggest asking if someone's tailback is running (better turn it off). Or if anyone has Prince Big Al in a can (better let him out). Play the hits.