Power Ball Winner Picked the Numbers of Favorite Royals Hall of Famers, So Can He Buy The Team Now?

By Jason Lisk

One of the two Power Ball winners is from Dearborn, Missouri, about 30 minutes North of the Kansas City Metro area. The winning numbers? 5 (George Brett), 16 (Bo Jackson), 22 (Dennis Leonard), 23 (Mark Gubicza), 29 (Dan Quisenberry), and the power ball of 6 (Willie Wilson). Jeff Passan and Andrew Dewitt state that this connection is more than just coincidence, and the numbers were played by a Royals fan.

All of those players except for Bo Jackson are in the Royals Hall of Fame, and Bo should be in based on his legendary feats from the throw at the warning track in Seattle to the All Star Game leadoff home run. I don’t get how you go Gubicza over Saberhagen, but it’s a good thing he did.

So, that half of the $580 million? Can we interest you in buying the Royals and getting them away from David Glass, Mr. and Mrs. Power Ball winner? Well, David Glass did buy the team for $96 million, but after crying poor since he took over and never fielding a competitive team, the team is now worth an estimated $354 million. One can dream, though, of fanciful thoughts about 81 win seasons.

[UPDATE: Was it an auto picked ticket and a coincidence or not? Jeff Passan is now saying that he is hearing from people in the Royals organization that was the case after digging.

According to Cindy Hill, the wife of the winner, the numbers were random, though “we love the Royals”, and Mark Hill would have gone Fred Patek, Frank White, George Brett and Amos Otis.

Kind of depressing to hear the numbers were picked in the same fashion that the Royals make all of their decisions.]

[photo via US Presswire]