Possibly the Best Jim Harbaugh vs Jed York Moment Ever


Its no secret that coach Jim Harbaugh had a rocky relationship with the CEO of the 49ers, Jed York, during Harbaugh’s tenure in San Francisco.

Harbaugh won as a player at every level, and was instantly successful as a coach. He’s intense and demanding, like many of the best in the business. Jed York was born on 3rd base, never played football, and when he was 28 years old, was named President of an NFL team.

So you can see why this story may have actually happened:

"Source: midway thru 2014, York walked into meeting Harbaugh was holding w/ players, & Harbaugh told Jed that the meeting was for "men only""

— Kyle McLorg (@Kyle_McLorgBAS

It’s unconfirmed, but gosh I hope it’s true.