Portugal-Uruguay World Cup Match Interrupted by Protester With Rainbow Flag

Ryan Phillips
Portugal v Uruguay: Group H - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Portugal v Uruguay: Group H - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 / Richard Sellers/GettyImages

On Monday during a hugely important match between Uruguay and Portugal at the 2022 World Cup, a fan ran onto the field to interrupt proceedings. But, even worse for World Cup and Qatari officials, the protester was carrying a rainbow flag.

While viewers only got a glimpse of the fan on Fox's broadcast, he could be seen:

He not only had a rainbow flag, he also wore a shirt that said "Save Ukraine" and the back had "Respect For Iranian Women" on the back. Some stills are below.

Qatar has been adamant that any political displays were strictly forbidden during the World Cup. Rainbow flags, or anything advocating for LGBTQ+ equality, were specifically banned due to Qatar's harsh laws against homosexuality. This protester actually getting on the field during a huge match is sure to enrage local officials.

Qatar was hoping for everyone to solely be focused on soccer at the 2022 World Cup. FIFA likely felt the same way. This protester ensured that wouldn't be the case.