It Would Seem Pope Francis Is A Saints Fan

Liam McKeone
Pope Francis Visits Philippines - Day 2
Pope Francis Visits Philippines - Day 2 / Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

It' s Sunday, which means there is football, which is great. It's also the biggest day of the week for those who follow the Catholic religion, and doubles as Pope Francis' favorite day to tweet.

The Holy Father took to the Twitterverse today to give thanks for the canonization of new saints. Being a tech-savvy Pope (no other Pope had a Twitter!), he used a hashtag in his tweet. In the process, he declared his NFL allegiance after Twitter automatically added the Saints fleur-de-lis.

Who Dat, His Holiness?

Now, I'm inclined to think this was an accident, because the last two years of Saints football would indicate that God and the Pope are not, in fact, fans of the New Orleans Saints. Quite the opposite. Then again, the Pope is infallible, so who am I, a lowly sports blogger, to question him?