Poll Reveals Not Everyone Is a Sports Fan

NASCAR Cup Series Food City presents the Supermarket Heroes 500
NASCAR Cup Series Food City presents the Supermarket Heroes 500 / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If you are reading this, you probably miss sports, but is that representative of how the entire country feels? According to a recent Monmouth University poll, a majority of America does miss sports. Fifty-six percent in fact. Of course, as some are quick to point out - the Internet is just a small portion of the population. Forty-two percent of respondents aren't even fans.

Only 32 percent of respondents miss sports "a lot" while 26 percent miss them "a little" and 42 percent don't miss sports at all. So if you think 807 adults who would take a phone survey is representative of America, then 42 percent don't feel the same void that some of us do. So as desperately as some of us want sports to return, it's worth remembering that there is a sizable portion of the country that is probably more concerned with other things.

The highlight of the poll was when people were asked which sport that usually plays now people miss most. Fourteen percent said football, which does not take place in June and some people said UFC, golf, or motor racing, which have all recently resumed.

Hopefully, all sports can return soon and bring a renewed sense of normalcy to the 56 percent of people who do enjoy them to varying degrees. The people who don't like sports can continue ignoring them, but if the majority of the country wants something, we generally agree that is how things should be, right?