Polish National Handball Team Sarcastically Applauds Officials After Controversial Loss to Qatar

Stephen Douglas

Qatar, the tiny country that will host the 2022 World Cup, is currently hosting the 24th World Men’s Handball Championship. You may be shocked to learn that the host country has reached the finals after a win over Poland on Friday. As the video above shows, Poland was very excited about the result as they chose to sarcastically clap in the referees faces following the game. Controversy in Qatar? Let’s ask Poland’s Poitr Maslowski. Via Yahoo!:

"“In the second half, the decisions made by the referees were in favour of the hosts. We left our hearts on the field. Congratulations to the host team,” he said."

Both teams played hard. About that Qatar team though…

"Some off the pitch have questioned the energy-rich Gulf state’s progress because of the number of foreign players they have drafted in, but Qatar, regardless of its international flavour, have been worthy winners on it. "

According to the International Handball Federation website, Qatar was the 32nd-ranked nation coming into the tournament. So it sounds like they brought in ringers and maybe the officiating was a bit “sketchy.” I have to say, that doesn’t sound like the Qatar that I know. And for the right price, I will try my best to both repeat and believe that sentiment.