Police Shoot NBC Louisville Reporter Kaitlin Rust With 'Pepper Bullets'

Kyle Koster

Louisville is among the American cities dealing with civil unrest on its streets tonight. WAVE reporter Kaitlin Rust and her cameraperson were broadcasting live from the scene of a protest late Friday night when a police officer -- perhaps multiple officers -- began blasting them with pepper bullets.

It's unclear if the objects being fired were non-lethal bullets as Rust said or the less dangerous pepper balls.

We know this because, like Omar Jimenez -- the CNN reporter arrested around dawn this morning in Minneapolis -- Rust was on the air when the incident occurred.

Tensions are hot and thing get foggy during chaos. But it defies belief that the person doing the shooting could not make out Rust's bright yellow vest and the professional camera equipment. And yet the barrage was prolonged, and paused for a reload.

Credit to Rust for taking it like a champ and staying in the game. Very understandable why she didn't have an answer for why they were doing that.