My Local Police Department's Bike Unit is Not Elite

Kyle Koster

With no sports and minimal festival activity this year, America's cities are left to measure up against each other with new and often confusing things. Take the biking prowess of the local police department, for example. Last week, Miami residents were treated to the knowledge that these skilled cyclists would be responding to situations. Here they are in all their Reno 911 glory:

To take no political stand on law enforcement (for once, right!), reasonable minds can agree they make stopping real fast look as cool as 9-year-olds think they look while doing it.

The viral tweet caused me to wonder about the efficacy of my town's comparable unit, which, like most others, did not produce a slick promotional video. But that didn't stop the answer from materializing.

And folks, when it comes to two-wheeled apprehension, the old adage holds true: Most of the elite athletes are down in SEC country. Because in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they're still running the ground-and-pound.

This is something that needs desperate attention in recruiting.