Players Rank 5 Worst NFL Teams to Play For

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Daniel Snyder
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Washington Commanders

I suppose the Washington Commanders finishing dead last in these rankings shouldn't surprise anyone, but here we are. Players had major complaints about the team's facilities and few had confidence owner Daniel Snyder would invest to upgrade them. In fact, the team's players had more detailed complaints about the facilities than any other team in the league.

The Commanders tied for last in treatment of players' families and the training room, while the locker room and team travel also finished last. The team's training staff finished next-to-last and only the strength coaches got high marks (tied for first). The Commanders don't offer a family room or daycare at the stadium, which seems a basic courtesy that a few teams apparently ignore. Concerningly, most players said they didn't want to do rehab with Washington's training staff. The locker room is painfully small as players want more personal space. But they also complained about a lack of warm water and poor drainage in showers. As for travel, no players get first-class seats on planes and young players are all forced to have roommates.

Sounds like a lot needs to change in Washington with new ownership, whenver they arrive.