Players Rank 5 Worst NFL Teams to Play For

Ryan Phillips
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Dean Spanos
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Los Angeles Chargers

This may not shock those of you who have read The Big Lead for years, but the Chargers are an awful organization. Overall, the NFLPA ranked the Bolts 30th and facilities were a major complaint. Players also don't seem to believe owner Dean Spanos is willing to invest in facility upgrades, ranking the team 28th in that category. For those wondering, Spanos never invested any money in team facilities or the stadium when the franchise was in San Diego either.

The team's food service (29th), treatment of player families (27th), training room (tied for last), training staff (30th), weight room (tied for 27th) and locker room (tied for 28th) are all near the bottom of the league. In fact, team travel (tied for 15th at a B grade) is the only area where the Chargers ranked in the top half of the league. The Chargers don't offer a room for families at SoFi Stadium, no players surveyed think there is enough room in the team cafeteria, the team is one of only two that doesn't provide a steam room or sauna, players believe they are understaffed, they think the hot and cold tubs are "gross" and there are a limited number of showers in the locker room.

Sounds like a dismal place to play.