Small Plane Lands on Highway Outside Quebec City, No One Seems Too Concerned

TBL Staff
Plane on the highway.
Plane on the highway. /

A pilot was forced to land his small plane on Highway 40 outside of Quebec City this morning, which is really quite remarkable. Yet footage of the harrowing moment is anything but as all involved seem almost nonplussed by what's going on.

Everyone is doing just fine. A mechanical problem forced the pilot's hand.

This guy summed up the experience:

"Jean-Paul Daoust was in the parking lot of his nearby garden centre, Floralies Jouvence, when he say the aircraft coming down over the highway. "I was pretty surprised," said Daoust. "First time I've ever seen a plane on a highway, except in the movies.""

Nothing to see here, really. Go about your lives, citizens.

What are we missing here? It seems like watching a plane drop down onto the roadway like an old man negotiating a too-hot bath would make more of an impression.