Every College Football Team Should Have a Turnover Hoop Like Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Turnover Hoop (Aftermath)
Pittsburgh Turnover Hoop (Aftermath) /

The slow unveiling of fall has brought with it the usual fun and shenanigans of college football, although everything feels less fun and shenanigan-y with the backdrop of the global pandemic. But none of that will stop any of the University of Pittsburgh's players having fun.

On the broadcast for the Panthers' Saturday matchup vs. Syracuse, players were shown dunking on a basketball hoop after a turnover. It is a turnover basket. That's awesome. Everyone should have one.

Will Brinson is already taking adequate heat for calling the hoop a "basketball goal" so I'll leave him alone on that.

Nice 'oop, though. I like this idea better than the turnover chain that Miami loves, although there was one school that employed a "turnover pencil" last year that was pretty good. However, to turn the disrespect meter up a notch, a cornerback should simply lay it in after an interception to show how easy it was. Because it was a layup. That's how easy it was. Assuming you're laughing.

Let's get everyone a turnover hoop. Get on it, NCAA.