Pistons' Christian Wood Tests Positive For Coronavirus a Week After Playing Rudy Gobert

Stephen Douglas
Christian Wood of the Detroit Pistons.
Christian Wood of the Detroit Pistons. / Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz beat the Detroit Pistons last Saturday, 111-105. Pistons center Christian Wood scored a career-high 30 points while matched up with Rudy Gobert. Today Wood tested positive for coronavirus. This is why the NBA had to suspend the season if a single player tested positive and the reason you should stay home this week. People are out there who have no idea they are carrying COVID-19.

Since coming into close physical contact with Gobert, Wood has gone up against the New York Knicks and Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers.

With Andre Drummond traded to Cleveland, Wood, in his third season, has flourished in a lost Pistons' season. He's averaging 26.6 points and 9.4 rebounds in March and has scored a career-high three times this month.