There's No Way the Pittsburgh Pirates Logo Has a Full Head of Hair

Stephen Douglas
Pittsburgh Pirates Summer Workouts
Pittsburgh Pirates Summer Workouts / Justin Berl/Getty Images

Baseball is slowly trying to return to our lives in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to encourage fans to wear masks, the Pittsburgh Pirates altered their logo to remove the bandana from the top of their logo's head and repurpose it as a face covering, revealing a full head of thick, dark hair. Seems curious!

The Pirates' pirate logo has gone through many changes over the years. When he first appeared in 1934, he was a gruff-looking fellow who very well could have had hair under his bandana and hat. In 1958 he was replaced by a chubbier pirate whose face was covered in stubble and was most definitely bald or balding.

I find it highly unlikely any Pirates' pirate after '58 had a full head of hair. I mean, this guy has been living at sea for like, eight decades. The only thing we know for certain is that the Pittsburgh Pirate should have never taken off his bandana. He's like Bret Michaels in that we need that mystery and I don't think anyone is telling the truth with this reveal.