Piers Morgan Throws Tantrum, Walks Off Set During 'Good Morning Britain'

Kyle Koster

Piers Morgan continues to co-host Good Morning Britain, presumably because the second-most reviled person in the country is unavailable. His persistent ability to get television gigs must be eternally frustrating for everyone involved but his ability to drive ratings and make headlines by doing something unexpected or untoward remains sharp.

Morgan is no fan of Meghan Markle and her recent jump back into the epicenter of news coverage provided him with ample opportunity to criticize her in the wake of the Oprah Winfrey interview. His co-host Alex Beresford had the temerity to point this out this morning and the critique proved too much for Morgan, who fled the set mid-segment.

Now, look, I'll shoot you straight. Is British morning television my primary area of expertise? No. But I am familiar with the concept of work and being in a workplace, so this question seems relevant: how do you put someone who quits mid-show, leaving his teammates to flap in the wind, back on the air the next day as though nothing happened? Besides, you know, the lack of pride?