PHOTOS: Nobody Showed Up to Watch the Bengals Today

Bobby Burack

A couple of winless teams are facing off in Cincinnati today as the very bad Cardinals take on the hopeless Bengals. This isn't to say it won't be an interesting matchup, it's just saying nobody came to watch it. I mean, look at these photos.

We need to call out fans in Cincinnati right now. Sure, your team sucks, but you are not in Miami. You do not get that pass. It's not sunny there, you don't have South Beach, and the nightlife. Come on now. If we are being honest, there is nothing better to do in Cincinnati than watch the Bengals on a Sunday. Plus, this is actually a game that you guys could win.

It's really a shame the Bengals don't have more dedicated fans. Regardless of their play, owner, and roster, they have the best looking helmets in all of football. They look so cool, I wouldn't blame a Cardinals fan for making the trip just to buy an authentic one.