Some Genius Created a Phoebe Bridgers-Mr. Brightside Mashup

Kyle Koster
Scott Legato/GettyImages

They say the best things in life are free and never is that more apparent than the holiday season. Like, a little extra chocolate in your stocking is all well and good and so is the remote car starter, but what a person really wants deep down is to be stimulated and moved by interesting art. With that in mind, you could certainly do worse than simply alerting your loved ones to the existence of this Mr. Brightside-Kyoto mashup that blends two great songs into one. It's only 70 seconds long, which begs the question: when can we get the rest of it?

Anyone with the ability and energy to make future Phoebe Bridgers mashups on the internet will find themselves handsomely awarded with referral traffic from this here site. On that you have our solemn vow. Get to work.