As Expected, Phoebe Bridgers' Metallica Cover Rules

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Metallica's Blacklist, a 53-track album featuring covers from all corners of the musical universe, will be available in a month. Until then we have a set list and the occasional appetizer. In a rare one that belongs in the win column, Phoebe Bridgers' re-imagination of Nothing Else Matters has been released in full and is predictably enjoyable.

Bridgers told Apple Music 1 that the cover "almost sounds baroque." After Googling that term and doing some light research, you may agree or disagree.

What it sounds like to me, a musical rube, is something one might expect to hear on Succession.

That's meant as an extreme compliment because what other show on television has a score half as good as the ones punctuating the Roys' every move?

Anyway. Enough preamble before I get to this hot take.

The best songs are covers played either much slower or faster than the original. Argue if you want but movie trailers are batting about .827 on symphonic Nine Inch Nails recreations. And the Pop Goes Punk albums rarely, if ever, had a skip. No one denies this!