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Phillies Fan Throws Mets Fan's Phone Onto the Field

Ryan Phillips

The New York Mets beat the Philadelphia Phillies 2-0 at Citizens Bank Park in Philly Tuesday night. But while the Mets took a W on the field one of their fans took a massive L in the stands.

A Mets fan in the left field bleachers taunted a bit too hard and lost his property. The fan, in a Pete Alonso jersey, celebrated something while filming with his phone. Then he turned his phone on the assembled Phillies fans and continued to celebrate in their faces. Fed up, one Philly supporter grabbed the phone and chucked it onto the field.

Video of the incident surfaced on Wednesday.

Check it out:

And another angle:

I love the stunned look on the Mets' fan's face. And then the shrug like, "did that really just happen?" Buddy, you're at a sporting event in Philadelphia, you got off easy.

So sports fans, fair or foul? This guy was a visitor in the ballpark and antagonized the home fans, did he get what he deserved, or is this a BS move by the Phillies fan? I will leave judgement in your hands.

I'd assume the phone tosser is going to have a tough time getting into an MLB park in the future.