Philip Rivers Kept The Ball On A Zone Read Play And It Was Amazing

Ryan Phillips

Philip Rivers is a phenomenal quarterback with a long track record of success throwing the ball in the NFL. He’s almost assured a spot in the Hall of Fame when all is said and done. There’s a lot of words you could use to describe him, but “athletic,” “quick,” “good on his feet” and “fast” are not among them. That’s what made one play call on Sunday all the more puzzling.

Late in the Los Angeles Chargers’ 26-21 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Bolts opted to run a zone read play with Rivers on 3rd and 5. And he kept the ball. He fooled the entire Bengals defense. He had the field to himself and yet somehow managed to gain just two yards. It was amazing.

Watching Rivers attempt to scamper for a first down while getting chased down by a 280-pound defensive lineman was beautiful in its ugliness.


It looks like a nature video of a gazelle being chased down by a hungry lion. Only if that gazelle was drunk, wearing roller skates and carrying a 365-pound sack of flour on its back.