Philip Rivers Admits to Reading Criticism After Week 5 Loss

Ryan Phillips
Philip Rivers, Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts
Philip Rivers, Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Philip Rivers and the Indianapolis Colts bounced back from an awful start to top the Cincinnati Bengals 31-27 on Sunday. It was a nice result after an awful Week 5 performance in a 32-23 loss to the Cleveland Browns. On Sunday, Rivers admitted to reading some of the criticism written about him following Week 5, and he agreed with it.

During his postgame press conference after the win over the Bengals, Rivers discussed how weird this season has been. He hasn't gotten to meet or interact with the media covering the Colts due to the league's COVID-19 protocols. He said he hadn't really gotten to know the personalities of the people writing about him, so he decided to read what they had to say following Indianapolis' loss to the Browns. His response to it was pretty great.

Here's what he had to say:

That is about as honest an answer as you'll ever get from an athlete.

Rivers has always been really genuine with stuff like this. He'll always admit when he's played poorly and will chalk losses up to himself before blaming anyone else. The fact that he agreed with all the criticism he faced after Week 5 tracks with who he's always been.

Most players and coaches will claim they don't read or care about criticism and I think we all know that's a load of garbage. They all know what's being said about them, they just refuse to acknowledge it. Rivers seems fully open about it and embraces it.