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Let's Check In on Philadelphia Sports Radio to See How They're Handling the Sixers' Loss

Kyle Koster

The Philadelphia 76ers came face to face with their destiny on Sunday night and were too scared by the moment to do anything productive. Doc Rivers lost another series in which he led, Ben Simmons got the yips and may be permanently damaged, and the vaunted Process is looking like a prolonged exercise in underachieving with slick branding. Predictably, the mood in Southeastern Philadelphia and parts adjacent is as dour and bleak as any frame from Mare of Easttown. With the volume turned up to 11.

Auditing any local sports radio over the past 24 hours reveals a crisis of confidence wrapped in a concoction of anger and frustration. Anthony Gargano synthesized all it means to be a Philly fan in a 2-minute rant about the Sixers' meltdown, taking on everything from Rivers' body language to his past defense of Simmons' game.

It was quite something. And honestly tamer than some versions of the same show taking place in rec rooms and pickup truck cabs regionally. At least cleaner. At least without anyone punching a hole in drywall or anything crazy like that.

This is important footage. If the aliens ever need to get up to speed on both sports radio and Philadelphia fans at once, they can now do it all in one place. Little spinzone for you there.

Anyway, only 11 or so months until the Sixers get a chance to exorcize their many playoff demons. Surely calm and rational temperament will prevail.