Philadelphia 76ers Turned Down Jimmy Butler For #3, So What's Keeping the Celtics From Grabbing Him

Stephen Douglas

Stephen A. Smith reported on First Take this morning that the Philadelphia 76ers turned down a trade for Jimmy Butler that involved the #3 pick in the NBA Draft. Instead, the Sixers moved up to #1 and will likely take Markelle Fultz. Now it seems like a done deal that the Boston Celtics will be able to turn that same #3 pick into Bulter.

The decision by the Sixers is kind of surprising when you first hear it, but it makes sense in the long run. The Process is a long one and even if the Sixers are able to build a playoff team right now, they don’t have a shot at a title as long as the Warriors and LeBrons are intact. Still, even if Fultz is the right percentage play in the long term, how long can the Sixers stand to be young, talented, exciting and losing?

Sure things don’t always work out.

Embiid is awesome when healthy. Ben Simmons seems to have limitless potential, but has never played an NBA game. The same can be said for Futlz. Meanwhile, the Sixers haven’t had a winning season since Andre Iguodala left. Assets and potential are cool, but how long until the losing culture gets ingrained in these guys? Butler could put Philly in the playoffs this season if Embiid is healthy and Simmons is as good as he’s supposed to be. What are the odds Markelle Fultz immediately transforms and entire franchise’s culture?

The Sixers chose potential over a proven quantity. In the long run, it could be the right call. Right now at least you can see both sides.