Phil Mushnick Thinks Rachel Nichols is Egocentric

By Ty Duffy

We seldom write about Rachel Nichols on this site. She’s very good at her job. She’s widely acknowledged by colleagues to be very good at her job. What little controversy she creates stems from doing her job too well. Yet, somehow, Nichols ended up on Phil Mushnick’s shit list. Of course she did.

"Again Thursday, at halftime of the Texas Southern-Arizona game, Rachel (“I” “Me” “My”) Nichols, with Arizona coach Sean Miller, took 87 words — seriously — to ask her question."

It’s not the first time Mushnick has gone after Nichols. The irony of a man who files his own thoughts for a living calling out others for egocentricity is — seriously — incredible.

If Nichols comes off as too smart to be asking coaches boilerplate questions at halftime, that may be because she’s overqualified for that. A sports media male with a Northwestern degree and nearly two decades of experience at WaPo and ESPN by his early 40s would be paid to dispense answers at this stage, rather than to solicit them.

Whatever the veracity of the criticism, don’t reach a place in your life where you are pausing, rewinding and word counting to make an ad hominem attack.

We presume Mushnick was running through first-person pronouns and not attempting to reference the Beatles song “I, Me, Mine.” Mushnick would have to take Mushnick to task for indecently referencing a song about hallucinogenic drug use in a sports column.

[Photo via USAT]