Phil Mickelson: LIV Golfers Would Wipe the Floor With PGA Golfers in Head-to-Head Matchup

Liam McKeone
Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson / Tom Dulat/GettyImages

Phil Mickelson has decided to start tweeting again, which is tremendous news for content creators and probably bad news for Mickelson's PR team. This time he went online to claim that, in a head-to-head matchup, LIV players would wipe the floor with PGA players.

There is not any sort of head-to-head matchup being discussed between the two tours so there was really no starting point for Mickelson saying that. Some anonymous golf fan account just observed that such an event held Ryder Cup style would attract hordes of viewers, leading to Danny Woodhead (?) to say that he would like to see it. That's when Phil chimed in.

If we're being honest that isn't true at all and the "dead time" Mickelson references wouldn't exist because that's not how a golf broadcast works. Also why does Phil Mickelson follow Danny Woodhead, he of New England Patriots fame? A lot of questions here.

Anyway, while this would definitely be great content there's no way the PGA would do it. Why would they? A head-to-head Ryder Cup matchup would be the greatest thing to ever happen to LIV. It grants them all the legitimacy and attention they've been clamoring for. Meanwhile, the PGA would get... bragging rights? I guess?

It would be a circus that would benefit only LIV and those who love the drama.