PGA Tour Takes Aggressive Approach to Season Returning

Stephen Douglas
Tiger Woods celebrating.
Tiger Woods celebrating. / ROBYN BECK/Getty Images

The PGA Tour released its revised schedule to return to action today and it is aggressive to say the least.

Starting on June 8 and going basically straight through September, 14 events are planned over just three calendar months. Players who want to compete in all the events won't really have a day off between July 2nd and September 7th.

Missing from that schedule are some of the biggest events in golf. The PLAYERS Championship was canceled in March when sports shut down. The British Open was supposed to be played in July, but was canceled. The Masters has been moved to November. The US Open will take place in September, shortly after the TOUR season comes to a halt. Oh, and the Ryder Cup will take place the very next weekend after the US Open.

If the dates go off without any issues, it will be a whirlwind of golf. Fans, probably still stuck at home, should be thrilled. Players who like to take some time off between major events, not so much. Count Tiger in that category.

Players are really going to have to pick and choose their spots here, or they can seize the opportunity to go walk 18 holes a day four-plus days a week for three months and make some money.