Enjoy Some Grainy Footage of Scottie Scheffler Taking Five Minutes to Hit a Shot

Andrew Redington/GettyImages

The PGA Championship is underway at the demanding Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, meaning the world's best players have much to consider before hitting any shot. Throw in the added importance of a major and you might expect a more deliberate pace of play.

Ideally, though, the five-minute wait between Scottie Scheffler surveying his ball and swinging the club at No. 14 will be an outlier. Because that's not really what anyone wants — outside of those actively trying to use the coverage as a catalyst for a mid-day nap.

Lamentations about slow play have been a storyline this year and Scheffler is a guy who takes his time. He's also awesome and wins all the time so who's to say he's doing it wrong.

This particular situation is a bit weird because, sans audio, it appears there was some confusion about who was going to hit next. ESPN's broadcast previously mentioned there's some crossover between the 14th and first hole at the course so it's also entirely possible this group had to wait for tee shots to proceed.

Still, those are five minutes of our lives we can't ever get back. Of course, we're also watching golf instead of working on a Thursday so it's not the end of the world.