PFT Commenter Has Some Revolutionary and Good Ideas for Measuring NFL Draft Prospects

Kyle Koster
Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Daniel Jeremiah continued his impressive string of podcast appearances by joining Pardon My Take over the weekend to give insight into where the top prospects could eventually land on Thursday night. There was surely a lot of valuable information in the interview but all of it pales in comparison to the global brain ideas fired off by PFT Commenter in regards to measurables.

During a discussion about Kenny Pickett's 8.5-inch hands, PFT suggested it might be more important to measure the size of quarterback's thumbs and fingers because sometimes a guy might have big palms. And he's not wrong. You ever see a guy with big palms but small fingers? It happens.

Why stop at one statistical figure for the throwing hand? We should know the exact length and orientation off all the fingers. I'd personally like to know about how oily or dry a signal-caller's throwing device is before my team gives him hundreds of millions. But that might be a HIPAA violation. Tough to tell anymore.

PFT went on, offering up another idea: measuring a quarterback's eye height instead of overall height. Because what good does a five-head do outside of getting tremendously red and sweaty from a helmet. In the end it's just wasted real estate.

Honestly, it's stuff that makes you think. Not particularly hard, of course, but think nonetheless.