Peyton Manning Finally Has the Perfect Comeback For Tom Brady's Six Rings

Stephen Douglas
Peyton Manning and Tom Brady
Peyton Manning and Tom Brady / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will meet on Sunday afternoon for the first time since January 24, 2016. On that day, Manning's Broncos beat Brady's Patriots in the AFC Championship Game and advanced to Super Bowl 50. This weekend, the stakes are much higher.

Brady and Manning, along with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, will golf at Medalist Golf Club in Florida in a televised match that will raise money for COVID relief. A cool $10 million has already been pledged, but the two all-time great quarterbacks are still promoting the match. Today they appeared on Adam Lefkoe's show and the host steered the conversation to their ring totals.

""Heck if it wasn't for my mother, Olivia Manning, he'd have 11 of 'em." "

What an incredible comeback by Manning. He probably has a comedy writer on staff like Brady likely has a social media team. They will probably have plenty of canned lines ready for Sunday and it will be as wonderful as it is forced.