Peyton Manning's Long Standing Season Passing Yards Record is In Jeopardy

By Jason Lisk

Peyton Manning set the single season passing yardage record (5,477 yards) yesterday, surpassing Drew Brees by a single yard, and then coming out of the blowout win over Oakland.

As anyone who plays fantasy football knows, though, those game statistics are not official the day of the game. Categorization of plays are changed all the time, a run to a pass, a fumble credited to one player instead of another, and credit for sacks are changed all the time after review.

Well, this is a play that was counted as a 7 yard pass from Peyton Manning to Eric Decker. It would appear that it was a backwards lateral and should have been counted as a rush attempt.

Of course, do we think the NFL will actually change this one ruling? I believe that if this play were reviewed for say, whether it was a fumble or not if Decker had dropped it, it would have been ruled a lateral. Overturning it, though, is a no-win situation for the NFL now since Manning exited the game once he thought he had secured the record.