Peyton Manning Zings Chargers During Nuggets Zoom Call

Brian Giuffra
Peyton Manning laughing.
Peyton Manning laughing. / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Saturday Night Live might want to reach out to Peyton Manning about hosting the show again because he's bringing the goods during quarantine.

First, Manning was a standout during The Match, trolling Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson during their golf match against him and Tiger Woods, which the latter pairing won. Now Manning has brought his standup act to the NBA where he ruthlessly trolled the Chargers about not having any fans during a call with the Denver Nuggets.

Manning's rivalry with the Chargers was short-lived as he only played for the Broncos for four seasons, but clearly he's got no love for the AFC West rivals.

Manning spoke to the Nuggets as a special surprise guest before the team left for the bubble in Orlando. Talking points included how Manning's playoff loses helped shape his career, what it was like breaking through to win a Super Bowl and how he returned after his neck injury. That and the joke at the expense of the Chargers.

It's interesting because when Manning played the Chargers they were still based in San Diego and had a loyal fanbase. It wasn't until they moved to Los Angeles that they couldn't fill their stands. Clearly Manning is staying up to date on what's happening around the NFL. That could benefit him if he hosts Saturday Night Live for a second time.