Peyton Manning Documents:Tennessee Allegedly Tried Blame Sexual Assault Incident Involving Trainer

By Ty Duffy

The New York Daily News published the legal documents related to Peyton Manning’s alleged sexual assault on a trainer at Tennessee in 1996. The documents add new details of the alleged incident and the smear campaign of the alleged victim, Dr. Jamie Naughright, in the aftermath. It’s important to note that these legal documents were filed by the plaintiff in that case, Naughright, and contain her allegations of facts, and are not a judicial order or finding. That case filed by Naughright, after Peyton Manning had written a book that referenced her as having a “potty mouth”, was settled for an undisclosed amount.

Per the documents, Naughright claimed Tennessee officials asked her to blame her leave of absence on a made-up incident with a black player, rather than what happened with Manning.

The documents also note that Archie Manning and Peyton Manning intimated to ghostwriter John Underwood that Naughtright had been “out with a lot of black guys” and “up in the dorm room before.”

Claims that Naughright was sexually promiscuous were entirely uncorroborated, according to the plaintiff’s pleadings.

Naughright received a $300,000 settlement from Tennessee in 1997. She settled a defamation lawsuit with Manning in 2003. She came after Manning again in 2005 for violating the terms of the agreement after he spoke to ESPN.