Peyton Manning is Launching Footballs at Beer Cans With David Letterman

Ryan Phillips
Peyton Manning, Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts
Peyton Manning, Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Peyton Manning may be retired but the man can still throw a football. On Tuesday, he showed off his cannon while filming something with David Letterman.

Letterman and Manning were at the former's alma mater, Ball State, and were set up near a fountain on campus. The five-time MVP was caught on video winging footballs at beer cans.

Check it out:

That's good stuff and reminds us of some of Letterman's greatest stunts. Like when he had a guy drop bowling balls off the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theatre into a bathtub filled with chocolate pudding:

Letterman had Manning on his show before the 1997 Heisman Trophy ceremony and they attempted to throw footballs through an open window across the street:

In February of 2005, Manning was back with Letterman and the two of them tried to throw footballs into passing taxi cabs:

Manning and Letterman have a long-time relationship, and the quarterback was one of the "frequent guests" who helped deliver the Top 10 list on Letterman's final Late Night show:

So yeah, this is fairly classic Letterman and I love it.