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Peyton Manning is Roulette God in Indiana According to Pat McAfee Story

Stephen Douglas
77th Annual  Maxwell Awards
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Pat McAfee was the closing guest on the second Monday Night Football ManningCast with Peyton and Eli. McAfee was the perfect third man in the cyberbooth as the game was never in doubt in the fourth quarter. Having played in Indianapolis for two seasons with Peyton Manning, McAfee had some great stories, including one an unbelievable tale about a single roulette spin.

The gist of the story is that Manning rented out part of a casino in French Lick, Indiana while on a golf trip. McAfee lost a bunch of money and headed back to his room. On the way he stopped to play some roulette by the elevators. Manning walks by and tells him to put money on red 18. Everyone at the table does and 18 hit.

This is God-tier stuff from Manning, who had won a Super Bowl with the Colts a few years earlier. Needless to say, if he ever tried the same thing at Foxwoods he'd have been taken into the back and never seen again.