Peyton Manning Asked John Madden For Advice on NFL Analyst Job

By Jason McIntyre

As Peyton Manning inches closer to his decision about whether to accept an NFL analyst job with CBS Sports, he’s leaning on legendary announcer John Madden for advice regarding his big decision.

But what Madden allegedly told the Hall of Fame quarterback may surprise you.

A source tells The Big Lead that Manning recently spoke with Madden, the former Raiders coach who spent 29 years as an announcer, working for Fox, ESPN, NBC and CBS. Madden’s advice: Go the Elway path or get a piece of ownership.

Since Manning’s Broncos won the Super Bowl, industry scuttlebutt on his next endeavor has been rampant, but what we reported at the NFL Combine still applies: CBS Sports is the only network he’s strongly considering, and that would be for a job in the booth next to Jim Nantz, not in the studio.

The ownership angle is tantalizing, partially because of what Elway passed up on when his career was over (an ownership stake worth millions), only to eventually get into the Denver front office. Elway did make millions in restaurants and car dealerships, and was co-owner of an Arena Football team for six years.

He’s been to two Super Bowls in five years as Executive VP of Football Operations with the Broncos.

Manning has been repeatedly linked to a potential NFL ownership stake – the Tennessee Titans. It would be a natural fit, as Manning has made millions off the field, including all that Papa John’s money, and is a Tennessee hero after starring for the Volunteers in college.

Manning will have no shortage of opportunities available to him, and it will interesting to observe what path he chooses.