Peter Rosenberg's Impersonation of Stephen A. Smith's Free Agency Insights Gets An A-


Like most talents in sports media these days, Stephen A. Smith has been providing daily updates on what he is hearing about this year’s NBA free agent class. Peter Rosenberg had some fun with Smith’s updates yesterday performing an SNL-like skit of the media superstar in action:

This one was pretty well done. Smith has been impersonated many times in the past but no one has gotten the voice down like Rosenberg just did. Not only did he sound like Smith, but the pauses were also on point and the hand movement was superb. I give Rosenberg an A- for this one. He doesn’t quite earn an A, because he misquoted Smith and said Kevin Durant may go to the Nets.

As fun as it is to pretend to be Smith, the increasing amount of NBA free agency reports are becoming just as mockable. It seems as if every few days brings a new report stating a player has made up their mind, only to be debunked the next day by (occasionally) the exact same personality. But it is fun, no doubt.