Peter King's June Power Rankings Have Raiders Eighth and Jets 28th

Stephen Douglas
Peter King
Peter King / Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Peter King released his power rankings this morning and they are wild. Not so much at the top where the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are ranked No. 1 and the 49ers, Saints and Ravens, three very good playoff teams from last season, round out the top four. But once you get to five, PK gets a little crazy.

The Tompa Brady Buccaneers are No. 5 and the Las Vegas Raiders are No. 8. Both teams went 7-9 last season. One added Tom Brady and lured Rob Gronkowski out of retirement. The other moved and drafted a wide receiver. Lofty expectations.

The real surprise comes in the AFC East where King has the Patriots as the third-most powerful team. The Buffalo Bills are ranked 13th, the Miami Dolphins are 19th and the Patriots come in at No. 21. It's hard to decide what's the most wild part of that, but combined with the Bucs, it says a lot about whose side King is taking in the Brady-Belichick breakup. And if you are wondering why I haven't mentioned the Jets yet, that's because King has them ranked 28th! They had the same record last season as the Raiders and Bucs. This is not the same AFC East we've come to know and love over the last couple decades.

Chaos! And the season is only a few short months away. Keep these rankings in mind as June power rankings are often very good indicators of postseason success.