Peter King to Dan Patrick: The NFL Draft 'Is All Going To Be Weird'

Ryan Phillips
Peter King at the Super Bowl XLVI Broadcasters Press Conference
Peter King at the Super Bowl XLVI Broadcasters Press Conference / Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Peter King was on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday to discuss the current state of the NFL and what's in store for what should be a a crazy 2020 NFL Draft. Short summary: the next few weeks will be crazy.

King told Patrick the draft won't be pushed back and will happen as scheduled no matter what transpires over the next few weeks. There will be a telethon element included in the draft, which could make things more complicated. King also said that players, coaches and former players will somehow be involved in the process. Oh and the NFL Network and ESPN are "likely" to be doing a combined telecast.

Then King hit Patrick with the understatement of the week when he said, "Dan, this is all going to be weird."

Check it out:

Yeah, it most certainly is all going to be weird. And, frankly, the draft should have been delayed weeks ago while the league figured out how to even hold the event under these circumstances. It feels like the NFL is formulating this plan as it goes. The league could have taken time to get this all set up before plunging ahead.

King's entire appearance is below: