Peter Berg Directed ESPN's Latest College Football Playoff Commercial

Kyle Koster

In an ideal world — or my ideal world, at least — the College Football Playoff and the season leading up to it sells itself. There would be no need for bells, whistles, incentive programs, quick jump cuts or anything like that. People would just watch it all because there is nothing in life more important than amateur football on Saturdays.

We don’t live in that world so ESPN must create splashy commercials like this one, directed by Peter Berg, to sweeten the pot. Guess that’s not all bad.

Players, mascots, inanimate objects, and fans all running out of one tunnel would be mass chaos and surely result in some litigation if not done with great care. But isn’t that part of the excitement of college football? The high stakes and razor-thin margins?

Also, somewhat related: as a society we need to step back and accept that we underestimated the watchability of Patriots Day when it came out. Definitely Berg’s second best effort after Friday Night Lights.