Pete Carroll Feeling Great About Seahawks QB Competition

Liam McKeone
Pete Carroll and Geno Smith
Pete Carroll and Geno Smith / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks are host to perhaps the least-interesting quarterback competition in recent memory this training camp after trading Russell Wilson. Drew Lock and Geno Smith are duking it out to replace him. It hasn't really been much of a competition in the public eye so far because Lock got COVID and missed the preseason game he was scheduled to start as well as a handful of practices.

But Pete Carroll is feeling chipper about it all. Predictably. He told reporters he thinks the Seahawks might have two No. 1 QBs in the locker room after watching Lock vs. Smith for the last few weeks.

NFL head coaches happily lie to the press all the time when it comes to stuff like this and Carroll is no exception. Lock and Smith may be adequate at best but not No. 1s in the way Carroll is using it, which is why people like Adam Schein are lambasting the franchise for sticking with those two instead of pursuing any other avenue to make up for the loss of Russell Wilson. But what fun it is to watch the train crash in real time.

Maybe Carroll will end up right. Probably not, though.