Pete Alonso Shaved His Mustache Mid-Game

Ryan Phillips

Pete Alonso is in a bit of a slump and the New York Mets desperately need him to break out of it as they’re in the thick of a playoff race. Alonso is clearly willing to do whatever it takes to bust out of the slump because, on Thursday, he actually shaved his mustache off during a game.

Alonso entered Thursday’s contest with the Arizona Diamondbacks with a perfect 70s-stache. Midway through the game, it was gone:

That’s dedication.

The move hasn’t borne fruit yet as Alonso is currently 0-for-5 on the afternoon, but the Mets are up 11-1.

New York currently sits two games out of the final Wild Card spot and they could use a push from Alonso down the stretch. He’s currently 0-for-12 over the past three games with seven strikeouts.

That ain’t gonna get it done, but perhaps shaving the mustache will.