You'll Have Fun Listening to Pete Alonso Having Fun Playing Baseball

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The decision to mic-up Major League Baseball players as often as possible is a no-brainer and yet we haven't seen an explosion of the genre just yet. New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso is the exception, as he's serving as an ambassador with MLB's On First series. The first episode — or whatever you call 8 minutes, 33 seconds of content — dropped around lunchtime.

You'll enjoy it. Because Alonso is enjoying himself in the purest way possible. Look at all the damn fun he had during the season-opening series against Atlanta.

Up on the top step cheering his teammates' hits, yapping it up with Freddie Freeman, revealing a deep affinity for chocolate milk and squats. Ten out of ten internet video. Would and probably will watch again.

As much as I personally think the handwringing over not having marketable stars is overdone, watching this really hammers home how effective it can be to have a personality providing added value. Even as a mostly-dead-inside suburban dad, this transported me to the halcyon days of youth when I wondered if the big leaguers were enjoying being out on the field as much as we lived for it.