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Is Water Having a Moment?

Kyle Koster
Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Pete Alonso fell short in his quest to complete a three-peat in the Home Run Derby last night at Dodger Stadium. The New York Mets slugger ran into a buzzsaw named Julio Rodríguez in the second round and could not rebound from a lackluster start. But the night was not a total loss for Alonso, as he can take pride in knowing that he did tremendous work for water — our most valuable resource.

Here he is declining a sugary Gatorade from a little slugger and making a healthy, pure choice instead.

Hell yes. Big win for water. Is water having A Moment? Is water back? Should the UFC consider changing its official water from a Monster energy drink to actual water? Or does Alonso's failure to complete the back-to-back-to-back title chance suggest that he should have been drinking Gatorade?

So many questions to ask on this, one of the bleakest days on the sporting calendar.