People Are Having Issues With Fox Sports Go's USWNT World Cup Streaming

By Jeff Weisinger

The U.S. Women’s National Team opened their knockout stages play on Monday, playing in the Round of 16 against Spain.

With the match coming on a day with everyone either at work or just getting to work (depending which side of the country we’re talking about), a lot of people are streaming the games on their phone, tablets or computers.

Except, the game isn’t coming through as it normally should.

Streaming delays between the live feed and the streaming connection are one thing. But what’s also happening is that the Fox Sports Go app is forwarding people to the Fox Sports app for the game, which adds another middleman and more nuisance to simply being able to launch a stream like any other app … through the app itself.

Not great for FOX, and especially not great for the U.S. fans who were looking forward to watching.