Penn State Fan Cruise with Sue Paterno and Franco Harris Set Sail Despite Coronavirus Fears

Ryan Phillips
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Penn State football logo / Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Penn State fans must really want to spend time with Sue Paterno and Franco Harris. A Nittany Lions fan cruise that includes Joe Paterno's wife and the former running back set sail despite numerous warnings from health officials.

This is, of course, insane given the current climate. If they are shutting down the NCAA Tournament, you should definitely shut down your cruise. I mean, cruises are Petri dishes when there isn't a global pandemic going on, so I can't imagine what's happening aboard the Celebrity Infinity ship.

You can track the ship's progress here.

The cruise set sail on March 9 from Miami and stopped in Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. It is now on its return journey and should dock on Saturday.

Harris and Paterno are joined on the cruise by former NFL running back and College Football Hall-of-Famer Lydell Mitchell. Paterno is 80, while Harris and Mitchell are both 70, which means all three fall into the category of people most impacted by the coronavirus.

This was just a bad idea all-around, even if everyone on the ship winds up being fine. Why was this allowed to go on? It seems so moronic at this point to allow this to happen.

Hopefully this ill-conceived plan doesn't end in disaster.